Micro Weddings

So now we have kicked 2021 out the door let's start thinking about your wedding...
I have a lot of Brides that are now thinking that the BIG wedding might not even happen this year, and are looking at alternatives.  So let me talk to you about Micro Weddings...typically no more than 50 guests but still feature time-honoured traditions but on a much smaller scale.


“With fewer guests comes less work, fewer opinions, and people to please, less budget required, and more options in terms of spaces to celebrate,”

“You open up the world of unique spaces that are inaccessible to larger weddings. You can rent out cafés, restaurants, bars, parks, galleries, or really anywhere you’d never consider for a big wedding. They’re already designed beautifully—meaning you can save on décor and might have their own tables and chairs, so you don’t have to rent them.”




Whether your wedding is big or small, it’s easier to find a venue and then tailor your guest list to fit, instead of inviting everyone and then realising you can’t find the right space. “If it’s your favorite restaurant, for example, find out the capacity of their private dining room, then cut down your guest list until there is space for everyone at the table,”



“No matter how small your wedding is, please, please hire a photographer. You’ll want to document this day, no matter what,” But that doesn’t mean you need an eight to 10-hour package and a second shooter. “A smaller guest list also means a smaller shot list, so talk to your photographer about creating a custom package for a shorter amount of time,”


Happy Married Couple

“I’m a huge fan of personal vows in any setting,”  Especially when it’s a more intimate wedding. Don’t skip the chance to share words and promises with one another, surrounded by the people who are truly closest to the two of you. I also love the inclusion of sentimental details, like wearing your grandmother’s brooch or having your dog walk down the aisle with you, to give the day personal value.



“You can definitely still do things like rent linens, hire a florist, or get a cake,” Look for someone who can create what you love, and know that they might not be a full-blown “event designer” or “wedding cake baker” who has a spend minimum. You don’t need a cake for 50 people, so get creative with your local bakery or favorite sweet shop instead. Your local florist, who might specialise in single arrangements instead of bouquets and floral arches, is a great resource for a smaller table. And you can definitely still work with a planner! Many (Me included) offer hourly rates that would be just the thing for an intimate celebration that doesn’t require the same level of planning as a larger-scale wedding.

“Talk to me about doing a few arrangements which I can bring on the day which will cut that budget and still make the space beautiful,”

“A dozen guests mean you’ll only have one or two tables, so you don’t need a full production team for setup and breakdown (unless you love flowers and want to splurge on a total transformation of the space!.”

Wedding Photoshoot


If you're having a hard time narrowing down your guest list, consider if you would take this person out for an expensive dinner or would rather have them as a guest in your home for the weekend. "Thinking about how close your relationships are will help ensure you are truly comfortable with those you surround yourselves with on your wedding day.

Stunning Wedding Cake


Wedding planners or on the day- coordinators aren't just for large weddings. “It’s also a great idea to hire a wedding planner, even if it’s only for the day-of coordination,”

 “You’ll want someone there to facilitate the flow of the day so you can enjoy it instead of worrying about whether alcohol is running low.”